Planning For Your Tattoo

We are a custom shop which means we want to create an orginal design for you.  When you meet with your artist in person or virtually to discuss your tattoo plan ahead!

  1. You are welcome to bring photos that inspire you or show the style that you like. 

  2. Have an idea of placement and size but be open to suggestions from your artist.

  3. Understand that designing a custom tattoo takes time.  Your artist will contact you as soon as you have a drawing available for review.  This is typically within a few days before your scheduled appointment time.  Note, we do not email designs for review.

  4. All appointments and custom drawings require a $70 deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable and comes off the last session of your tattoo.  If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment or no show you will lose your deposit and will be required to pay an additional one in order to re-schedule.  If your deposit was for a custom drawing you have 6 months to schedule your tattoo or you will lose your deposit.

Before Your Appointment

  1. Eat a good meal and come hydrated

  2. Come prepared to be here a while.  Tattoos and Permanent Makeup take a while.  Bring snacks, water and anything that will make you comfortable and dress comfortably.

  3. You may bring one friend or family member with you for support, but please don't bring children to your appointment.


    1. If you are a minor receiving a service we must have a Birth Certificate, State ID, Driver's License, or Passport for you as well as for a legal guarding.  The Guardian must be present through out the procedure.​

After Your Appointment

 Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

  1. Unless you have an allergy to adhesives you will be bandaged with Saniderm or a similar bandage:  Leave this on for 72 hours.  You will see some build up of fluid under the bandage.  THIS IS NORMAL.  Do not try to drain it.  

  2. After 72 hours, wash your hands and carefully remove the bandage.  Wash the area gently with a mild antibacterial soap and your hands only.  DO NOT SCRUB.  

  3. 2-3 times a day wash the area and apply a very small amount of H2Ocean aftercare that was provided by your artist.  

  4. When you run out of the H2Ocean you may switch to a white, unscented lotion until the tattoo is no longer dry.

  5. DO NOT submerge your tattoo in a tub, sauna, jacuzzi, pool or other body of water for 2 weeks.  Showers are fine.

  6. Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds until your tattoo is fully healed.  After that time we recommend sunscreen anytime you will be in the sun or tanning bed.

  7. Do not pick, scratch or rub the area while your tattoo is healing.

Piercing Aftercare

We recommend following the aftercare instructions provided by the APP.  We have NeilMed saline aftercare available for purchase or you can purchase Saline Wound Care from any drug store.

Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Oral Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Aftercare for your permanent makeup procedure your artist will provide you with written and oral instructions based on the procedure that you have done.


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